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Clinic In a Box

Empowering for independent provision of own healthcare

The Clinic In A Box has been inspired by the need to empower communities & villages to become independent in the provision of their own healthcare.  The clinic in a box contains a variety of equipment which is designed to be utilised in the creation of a makeshift clinical facilities practically anywhere. The contents contain the initial equipment needed to allow practitioners to carry out primary healthcare checks within their villages and communities.

Tailored Support to Medical Institutions

At Sick Be Nourished a large part of our work consists of us making tailored donations to hospitals and clinics across Africa and the Caribbean. This support goes a long way to alleviate both the chronic and acute shortages of supplies that can limit the quality of care that medical practitioners can offer. Simply by ensuring that practitioners have all of the necessary equipment, the quality of care experienced by the entire community is affected greatly.

We have several medical institutions that we support with frequent donations and many more to which we have delivered one off donations. If you are aware of a medical institution or community institution in which there is a serious and urgent need for medical equipment please contact us with details of the institution and proof documenting their need. If in accordance with our internal bylaws and policies, Sick Be Nourished could potentially donate the supplies. In this case we would expect a cash amount to be provided to facilitate the shipping and clearance of the supplies. If you would like to work with us towards this please get in contact!