Yianka Mawuli  Sister of the Rastafari livity and a member of the Universal Rastafari Improvement Association (URIA) based in the United kingdom (UK) decided,  in 1998, to repatriate to her spiritual homeland of Ethiopia,  it was the wish of the group to raise their families there and to start a new life, Yianka was the first member to leave and repatriate to the Shashamane land grant.   After some time there, Yianka became pregnant and was looking forward to the birth of her child. Close to her due date. Her close family visited her but returned to the UK just before she was due to give birth.  Empress Zauditu (Jennifer Simpson) then flew out to Ethiopia,  to support her during the rest of her pregnancy and impending childbirth .Yianka arrived at the hospital to give birth however due to a series of complications during the delivery,  sadly passed away. Empress Zauditu knew, that had the hospital been better equipped medically, her close friend would have survived these complications and vowed that she would do what she could to ensure this did not happen again,

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Empress Zauditu

Throughout this time we have tirelessly continued to work towards our mission of improving medical assistance to those in need. Items ranging from Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, bandages to even an ambulance have all been distributed to medical professionals around Africa and internationally! As well as bulk donations of supplies to hospitals and clinics, we have also introduced our Clinic In A Box which has been specifically designed for practitioners in rural settings and the Sick Be Nourished First Aid Kits for community institutions both of which can be tailor made to reflect what is needed.

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Yianka Mawuli

Charity Start Up

Empress Zauditu returned to the UK and immediately set about talking to her colleagues at the hospital where she worked, informing them of what had taken place whilst she was away, and her desire to utilise any equipment that was being replaced to improve medical services and facilitates internationally. This then led to her receiving donations from the NHS which were directly delivered to those in need across Africa. In 2011 Sick Be Nourished was incorporated as a charity some 13 years after the first donations were made which allowed for the conciliation of all our work, throughout those years, to move to a centralised framework


To date we have provided essential medical equipment, to over 15 countries, spanning three continents